Here are some people in similar businesses that we recommend: nothing to do with kids parties, but it's Mr Hokey Cokey's talented sister who makes brill ladies' hats for all occasions. They sell in town for a fortune, but you can get them direct from her for a song. 

Good, cheap venues (please email us if you know of others) 

And a few tips for a great kids' party:

Food - We find it best to feed the kids at mealtimes and not during the party. Although a snack table for the adults might seem like a great idea, it's very hard for many children to be able to concentrate and join in when they know there's a table full of snacks just metres away. In parties where they can't resist the snacks, we'll usually have a snack break every 10 minutes or so, as it saves me losing my audience!

Timing - We find parties of 2 to 2.30 hours are the best length. For, say a 3-5pm party, we'll arrive half an hour early to set up. At 3pm, when the first kids arrive, there'll be music playing, and we'll make each child a balloon model of their choice. After about 10 minutes, we start the magic show, which lasts about 50 mins - taking us to 4pm, or halfway through. The kids then eat for about 15 minutes, then come back for another 45 minutes of magic, games, disco and fun. 

We're also happy for you to invite the children 15 minutes before the show starts, so you get your money's worth!

For kids 3 and under, we recommend an hour or less, as they find it hard to concentrate for too long. 

Parents - If parents have to stay, it's best if they can be asked to be as quiet as they can. We've seen far too many parties (as both entertainers and parents) spoiled by parents' talking drowning out all other sound.

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