Dance Parties (London)

(aka: Mr Hokey Cokey meets Strictly Come Dancing!)

A brilliant, original party theme for slightly older kids who have outgrown a traditional entertainer and have had enough of sitting down listening to an adult talk alllll week long! 

Interactive, fun and energetic - the children are set the challenge of coming up with their own dance routine over the course of the party, play fun and active dancing games, and are kept busy, active and happy throughout the party. By the end, they'll be tired, happy and just a bit sweaty!

Guided and taught by dance and fitness experts, the kids are kept busy and challenged. We are never 'manic' and don't believe in getting the kids hyped up...but our professional instructors keep them active, interested and busy.

We bring everything we need: lasers, a sound system, disco lights, bubbles and bags of enthusiasm. You provide the space and kids, and we'll do the rest!

Price: Just £195 for a 2-hour party, or £150 for one hour. We never charge extras, petrol, travel, extra kids, etc. 

Get in touch to check availability.