Running in London, Bristol, Yorkshire and the Midlands, our science parties are lead by professionals who realise that kids don't want to sit and listen to an adult chatting away for an hour or more...they get plenty of that at school!

Our science parties are interactive,  hands-on, informative and fun - we have no set script and presenters choose the experiment, activity or game depending on the kids' moods.

Our science parties are made up of three main components:

  • taking part in fun experiments...from magically appearing bowls of foam (see the video below) to shooting smoke rings at their mates, to making a tornado in a bottle...the kids get to try their hands at lots of fun, hands-on experiments and learn a little science while they are doing it
  • doing things themselves - that means all the kids - such as making slime, fashioning flutes out of straws, creating stick bombs out of lollipop sticks, or creating their own fizzy sherbert sweets, which they get to eat afterwards!
  • playing active games like running noughts and crosses, gravity-defying bucket spinning relay, or friction-testing races!

And the best part - we charge around HALF of what our competition does. Our one-hour package costs an incredible £150 - as compared to to lots of our competitors who charge as much as £248 for a one-hour package...AND discounts apply (see above)!

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