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Here is some of the feedback we've received recently after entertaining at children's goes without saying that we've not edited them in any way (other to remove the bits where people are refusing to pay or are threatening litigation).

You are AMAZING.

I cannot tell you how special it was to see our son having such a great time at his birthday party.

He can be really quite shy and gets overwhelmed very easily - so many of his friends' chaotic birthday parties end with him utterly miserable! But he clearly loved you and I think he found it very reassuring to see the way you were able to control and steer the group. You also made him feel special without causing him to feel self-conscious or under pressure. It is obvious you are a primary teacher as you seem to have a very instinctive way of working with the kids and keeping their attention. 

Our son was taking about his party and you all evening and walked straight into nursery today to tell his teacher about Mr Hokey Cokey.  You have made a lifelong friend. I will be recommending you to everyone I know...

Thanks again,


Totally awesome party today. Parents and kids alike had a great time. Thank you thank you.

Louise from Mill Hill

Thank you so much for today. The kids had an absolute blast. I can't believe how mesmerised they were, you made Dani's day so special. 

Look forward to seeing you again.



I just wanted to say a massive thank you for the entertainment today! All the children and even the adults loved you and thought you were a great entertainer!

I have to say that I'm definitely going to recommend you to my friends and family.

So once again thanks for today and happy new year!



I really wanted to thank you for making my sons' bdays so special! We all had an amazing time and really appreciated every moment of the show - my mum is your number one fan! I wish you and your family all the best and will be in touch next year ;)

Take care.


Just wanted to say thanks again for Aidan's party yesterday. He really enjoyed himself and we've had lots of compliments on the party and your amazing crowd control skills!

Nomi from Crouch End

I just wanted to say a really big thank you for last week at Elisheva's party. Everyone had a great time, especially Elisheva. All my friends commented how good it was and what a great time they had. One little girl asked her mum to come back and see you the next day!

Keep well and PG i'll see you again soon for more parties :)

​Rochelle from Hendon

We had our party for our little boy last night, and we are still smiling on what an amazing time we all had, not just the kids - it was so fantastic!!!

Alethia from Hornsey (part of an email sent as a reference)

Many thanks for today, our first time meeting you. Clearly the children thoroughly enjoyed all the tricks and this made it easier for the staff and parents to sit back and laugh. God bless you and keep doing a fantastic job. 

St Andrew's pre-school, Edgware

Thanks for much for today's party - it was enjoyed just as much by the adults as by the children!

Tamar from Edgware

Isla loved every minute of her party and has been talking about it non-stop - we will definitely be using you again next year!

Ruth from Mill Hill